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Are you someone who stays up late to get the work done or party hard or has to stay up in front of the computer too long? Well then surely you are bound to get tired and your face will say it as well, but you don't need to put in more of your time or effort into getting rid of dark circles or wrinkles anymore to look relaxed and re-energized again. Now never worry about not looking picture perfect for that selfie or just in general because of dark circles or wrinkles not being constantly tended to. All you have to do for achieving the best results is place the gel mask(s) in the fridge (not freezer) for 15 mins before using it, also use it regularly to look ever glowing! Self grooming can not get any simpler, also it is easy and convenient to be carried on the go so never compromise looking the best you can anymore. So don't look twice when it comes to looks and grab yourself an easy way to get you the second looks from everyone, because we all need an easy solution sometimes.

Fashion Deck 1 Aloe vera gel face and eye mask

₹299.00 Regular Price
₹179.40Sale Price
  • Model Number
    • HE17
    Sales Package
    • 1 Face Masks, 1 Eye Mask
    Ideal For
    • Men, Women
    • Skin Care Combo
    Gift Pack
    • Yes
    Ingredient Type
    • Diluted Aloe Vera Gel
    Other Traits
    • Comes with velcro straps and adjusts to any size, also is not a perishable product and hence can be used as long as maintained
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