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The DRY COMFORT Ultra Thin XL+ Sanitary Napkins, come with Double Perforated Topsheet which enables faster absorption that helps to keep you dry. The Soft Edge Arms control rashes and Optimal Embossing Design enables even spreading and long use. The product comes with long lasting fragrance for Odour control and provides a comfortable feminine protection that absorbs in seconds and lasts for hours, giving you a long-lasting, clean-and-dry feeling. The xl+ range comes with 10% wider back and is 320 mm long for long lasting protection.

niine Dry Comfort Ultra Thin XL+ Sanitary Napkins With 3 Layer Shield for HEAVY

₹559.00 Regular Price
₹391.30Sale Price
  • General

    • Sanitary Pad
    • XL+
    Usage Type
    • Disposable
    Ideal Usage
    • For Heavy Flow
    • Yes
    • No
    Country of Origin
    • India

    In The Box

    Sales Package
    • Pack of 1, 50 Sanitary Pads
    Number of Contents in Sales Package
    • 50

    Body Features

    Top Cover
    • 100% Cotton
    • Super Absorbent Core with Anti Leakage
    Wing Features
    • Non-abrasive Cotton Wings
    Other Body Features
    • Rash free product, Soft Edge Arms made of textile cotton help prevent rashes during and after periods.

    Additional Features

    Other Features
    • Niine Sanitary Napkins come with a soft and cottony 3 Layerd shield for Heavy flow.
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