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Nua Basics came to life with one single purpose. To make a woman's period experience just the way they prefer. So we asked experts and women like you about what you want in a pad, and there was a stand out answer - absorption. Nua Basics is made to absorb like no other pad. It comes with a 50% wider back and wider wings that stay in place. Covering you from the back, as well as the sides for a completely stain-free experience.. Nua sanitary pads are Made Safe Certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Safe Cosmetics endorses brands that pledge to exclude and restrict potentially toxic, and irritating chemicals and clinically test their formulations to ensure that they are free from contaminants and are suitable for application to human skin.

Nua Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads for Women, All L: 30 Pads - without Disposable Cove

₹559.00 Regular Price
₹335.40Sale Price
  • General

    • Sanitary Pad
    • L
    Usage Type
    • Disposable
    • Yes
    • No

    In The Box

    Number of Contents in Sales Package
    • 30
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