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It's time for you to discover the power of Re:Pad, one of the most modern sanitary pad that stays on tight and doesn't leak. You no longer have to worry about changing your pad every few hours, or even in the middle of the night! The absorbent cloth will take care of everything while you're busy living.

Re:pad Reusable Sanitary Pad,Pack of 4 Super Maxi Pads Sanitary Pad (Pack of 4)

  • General

    • Sanitary Pad
    • XL
    Usage Type
    • Reusable
    Ideal Usage
    • Day and Night
    • Yes
    • No

    In The Box

    Sales Package
    • Pack of 4
    Number of Contents in Sales Package
    • 4

    Body Features

    Top Cover
    • Cloth
    • Anti Leak & Super Absorbent
    Wing Features
    • It has a snap button
    Other Body Features
    • Leak Proof
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