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Ubtan - the beauty secret of the queens, courtesans, ladies and brides of yore – is a paste made with herbs, oils, natural powders and extracts. Ubtans are traditional ayurvedic beauty and wellness recipes meant to rejuvenate skin, body and mind. In the olden days, applying Ubtan was ritualistic. Refresh and revive your body’s dull skin with wow skin science Ubtan body wash. This body wash has a blend of natural ingredients that aids in removing impurities. It works to manage tanned skin by having a brightening effect. It also helps to tone and moisturize the skin of body. It is infused with almond extract, which contains vitamin e and antioxidants, It helps to exfoliate and prevent dryness. Rose water which is a mineral rich skin coolant that aids in firm up the skin and give it a soft glow. Chickpea flour aids in removing dead skin layer. It can be used to help make skin look bright and feel fresh. Suitable for all skin types ( dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin & itchy skin ), this body wash can be used to restore skin’s natural radiance and suppleness.

WOW SKIN SCIENCE Ubtan Body Wash With Chickpea Flou

₹1,195.00 Regular Price
₹478.00Sale Price
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